Consignment CKD -

Kitting the materials by customers, we following the delivery schedules of materials from customers and arrange manufacturing, inspection and shipment.

Turnkey Solutions -

Kitting the materials by manufacturer, we verify materials completely to customers” BOM and AVL, arrange manufacturing, inspection and shipment.

Products Development -

Customers provide requirement and specifications of product. We develop product here, build proto-type samples, agree customer’s specifications and quality standard, establish customer’s BOM and AVL .

Manufacturing -

+ SMT, PTH, mixed technology

+ Ultra fine pitch, QFP, BGA, uBGA, CBA

+ No clean, aqueous and lead-free processing

+ RF manufacturing expertise

+ Assemblies of metal or plastic enclosures

Quality Inspection -

+ IPC-A-610D standard is applied to all assemblies.

+ ISO2859 sampling scheme is applied to inspection of all materials and finished products.